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Introduction to
The benefits of speed & efficiency
FAQ's &
return on
Convenience of a quick check-in process
Design &
Designed to Complement any showroom
User guide
A simple & easy to use four step process
Introduction to Self-Check-In
The benefits of speed
& efficiency
Self-Check-In is a growing phenomenon within all areas of the service industry, allowing customers greater control of their service experience. The automotive industry has yet to embrace this new technology, which would effectively and efficiently enable customers to avoid the inevitable queues that develop in the Service Reception during busy periods.
Customers enjoy the benefits of speed and efficiency, service staff-subsequently have more time to complete other duties and/or offer an enhanced service to those customers requiring it most.
FAQ's & return on investment
Convenience of a
quick check-in
Throughout the initial design, implementation and rollout of Self-Check-In, we have been asked and have answered many questions regarding Self-Check-In, the most popular of which are here. The most important questions are “how much does it cost and what is the expected Return On Investment (ROI)”?
A detailed breakdown of these are below for reference.
Q How long does it take to implement?
A From initial order to fully operational, the process will take less than 8 weeks
Q Do I need to upload data?
A No, the Self-Check-In system draws down data directly from your DMS
Q How will I know the customer has dropped off their keys?
A Self-Check-In sends a notification to your Service Advisor the moment the customer deposits their keys
Q What dealers benefit the most?
  • Number of service advisors / Number of customers
  • Customer per service advisor exceeds 12+ per day. The dealership is operating at peak performance with this number
  • City dealerships with increase pinch points (drop off issues)
  • Dealerships with small reception areas benefit more due to limited space for customers to “wait to be seen”
  • Dealerships with Host / receptionist is preferred
  • Higher number of non-waiting customers
Q Do customers use it?
A Yes, customers fully embrace it having used a form of Self-Check-In at some point in other service industries
Q Do customers like it?
A Yes, they love the speed and convenience it provides
Q Do the Service advisors like it?
A Yes, it reduces stress and gives Service Advisors additional time to carry out duties more effectively
Q How do I request a demonstration?
Design & integration
Designed to
Complement any
The Self-Check-In kiosk has been design to complement any showroom, and can be tailored to any dealerships individual branding being housed in the front panel. A choice of colours are also available.
The Self-Check-In tablet screens can be adapted to suit corporate identity guidelines including font and screen colour.
User guide
A simple & easy to
use four step process
The Self-Check-In system is designed to be easy and simple to use. Customers, who have used a form of self-service screen when shopping and or travelling, will quickly understand what to do and check themselves in with ease.
A complete user manual is available to download from our website –
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